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Dapper Barons™ Premium Liqueurs are delicious alternatives to high-calorie, sugar-loaded liqueurs. Our hand-crafted spirits are naturally sweetened with sugar alcohols that total only 1.3g sugar per serving and bring uncompromising quality to your cocktails. 


Sweet nutty flavor with a complexity that allows this liqueur to be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail. Often the favorite at our tasting parties.

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Crème de menthe

Fresh, complex mint flavor that serves many purposes.  Whether you want to spike a warm beverage, top off your ice cream, or mix with a cocktail – this liqueur has got you covered.


Strong coffee with hint of vanilla flavor that is perfect for a cocktail or to simply spike your coffee.


triple sec

Versatile option for any recipe where orange liqueur is used. A must-have in your liquor cabinet.

crème de cacao

Balanced chocolate and vanilla flavor that makes this the perfect ingredient in dessert cocktails.

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